Blackjack Willy

Blackjack Willy a multicultural murder mystery

Blackjack Willy takes readers on a dark journey into the heart of toxic masculinity. It is also a multicultural murder mystery that takes place over three days in southern Illinois in the 1980s. The quasi-noir whodunit is chock-full of mystery motifs, from a locked room to surprising twists and turns, leading to a shocking conclusion.

Blackjack Willy isn’t who you think he is. He doesn’t even know who he is. His friend and girlfriend are found dead, and he can’t remember where he was when they died. Did he kill them or was it the Monkey Demon? Is he the Monkey Demon? And what the heck is a Monkey Demon?

In the tradition of Archie Bunker, Gran Torino, and Lenny Bruce, Blackjack Willy is politically incorrect fiction, meaning if it were a movie it would be R-rated for explicit sex, and also for “adult situations” such as ethnic humor and off-color language, up to and including the n-word.

After weighing the pros and cons of “toning it down,” the author decided to let it rip, warts and all, because some of the humor, and much of the offensiveness, comes from the sheer clumsiness of the author trying to write “ethnic.” So consider yourself trigger warned. Blackjack Willy is an unwoke work of fiction that should not be read by anyone.

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