Tribute to Carbondale music scene of 1960s and ’70s

trip down memory lane
with this amazing multimedia collection
from the primo days of the Carbondale music scene

cadcover25CARBONDALE AFTER DARK (paperback)

From panty raids to riots, “Carbondale After Dark” chronicles how a sleepy little college town in the Midwest became a hippie haven and radical outpost during the 1960s and ’70s.

NEW: “Carbondale After Dark” digital edition (eCAD) Includes two new stories:”Bucky Fuller’s Dome” and”Carbondale Before Dark”

mij-coverMISADVENTURES IN JOURNALISM (e-book only)
From Ronald Reagan to OJ Simpson and Paris Hilton, “Misadventures in Journalism” explores the oxymoron of journalism ethics in an anthology of 19 New Journalism stories spanning four decades.

bsc-cover5-med bsc-cover4c

BLACKSPANIC COLLEGE (paperback and e-book)
Part memoir, part history and part reflections on race, “Blackspanic College” is about teaching journalism at a predominantly black and Hispanic community college in South-Central Los Angeles before, during and after 9/11.


Photo06091944bHarold Koplowitz has been a journalist, educator and public information officer who ghostwrote a book for an Illinois governor who did not go to prison. Read more.

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