‘Carbondale After Dark’ goes digital
‘eCAD’ includes two new stories

Author H.B. Koplowitz has released a digital edition of “Carbondale After Dark,” his profusely illustrated anthology about Carbondale and Southern Illinois University in the 1960s and ’70s.

70towers FreedomMan cdale70riots dixiediesels twistfellowsThe release comes as the 25th anniversary limited edition reprint of CAD has all but sold out, meaning both the original 1982 and 2007 editions are going out of print.

“I’m both happy and sad that nearly all the books are gone,” Koplowitz said. “At the same time, I’m excited that CAD will live on in a digital format.”

In a history, essays and short stories, CAD provides a blow-by-blow account of the political and cultural upheavals that led to the May 1970 riots in Carbondale, and how protests evolved into street parties and a massive Halloween celebration. It also chronicles streakers, bands, bars, hangouts, protest movements and street people, and efforts by city and school officials to control the madness. In other words, all the things that get left out of official histories and Chamber of Commerce brochures. CAD is also filled with historic photos and period illustrations by the likes of P.S. Mueller, Dan Wood and Marvin Hill, who drew the cover.

The digital edition, or eCAD, is a PDF file that can be viewed on most computers, tablets and smartphones, regardless of brand or operating system. eCAD retains collaborator Deb Browne’s original layout, along with the original typos, so you may spot a hippy or two who ought to be a hippie.

For eCAD, the author added two new stories. “Bucky’s Dome” is about living in Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome home in the early 1980s. “Carbondale Before Dark” is about growing up (white) in Carbondale in the 1950s and early ’60s.

Amazon, B&N and other online retailers don’t sell PDFs, in part because the format is cross-platform, meaning a PDF can be read on both a Nook and a Kindle, as well as an iPad. For now, eCAD is available for $9.99 exclusively at the author’s website, hbkoplowitz.com. The website also has a simple tutorial on how to handle PDF files on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Koplowitz was born and raised in Carbondale and graduated from SIU in 1976. He has reported for the Southern Illinoisan and St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspapers, and has 15 years editing experience at City News Service in Los Angeles. He currently lives in South Florida.

Buy eCAD here.

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