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At H.B.’s Blog, anyone can say anything about anything. I started it when I reissued “Carbondale After Dark,” and now that I’m writing ebooks, I’m revving it up again so people can comment on my first ebook, “Misadventures in Journalism.”

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  1. Nancy Lee

    Love “Misadventures in Journalism”, which I read in one whack this morning. It keeps getting better from story to story, culminating in one of the best summaries of the O.J. Simpson trial I’ve ever read. You’ve achieved a perfect balance of personal observation and experience with factual summary and rational analysis. I felt like I was there.

    Wish you could somehow attend the James Holmes trial and give us your take on the characters and issues involved. Your observations are so acute. Or at least, cover another State Fair, and get on the livestock detail this time? Ag characters live at the heart of the American experience, for better or for worse.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Harold!


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