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Florida midterm recap: High hopes dashed 11/06/14
Florida potheads had their high hopes dashed election night when a ballot measure that would have legalized medical marijuana went up in smoke.

Democrats avoiding Obama like Ebola 10/31 /14
A time-honored tradition during midterm elections is for candidates from the party of the incumbent president to act like the commander-in-chief has cooties. It’s also juvenile and pathetic.

Reefer madness hits the Sunshine State 9/12 /14
Floridians won’t vote on legalizing medical marijuana until November, but reefer madness has already hit the Sunshine State.

Florida’s gubernatorial contest a race to the bottom 8/28/14
Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott and former-Republican-governor-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist are racing to see who can make the other more unpopular.

Anatomy of a lynch mob 8/19/14
Yes, it’s politically incorrect, and some will say racist, to compare the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, to a lynch mob. It’s also highly ironic.

Media Share responsibility for renewed violence in Ferguson 8/17/14
After a day of relative calm, looters returned to Ferguson, Missouri, early Saturday. The media share responsibility for the renewed violence in the community where an 18-year-old unarmed black youth was fatally shot a week ago.

Ferguson, Gaza and weapons of black destruction 8/15/14
Sometimes I wonder why oppressed people of color in America don’t identify more with Palestinians. Why aren’t they strapping bombs onto themselves to take out whitey?

Medical marijuana (sort of) becomes legal in Florida 5/3/14
Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature has approved a bill to legalize a strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web, and Republican Gov. Rick Scott said he will sign the bill into law. There’s just one catch: You can’t get high on Charlotte’s Web.

Florida medical marijuana advocates caught in Charlotte’s Web 3/27/14
In the political battle over medical marijuana in Florida, the Republicans have struck back.

Smilies, selfies and foodies 2/3/14
As an experiment, I “group sourced” a column by asking my Facebook friends what really annoys them.

Medical marijuana could be ‘game-changer’ in Florida governor’s race 2/3/14
Florida will become the first state to test whether “pot power” can help elect a political candidate.

‘Bridgegate vs. Obamacaregate, IRSgate, Fastandfuriousgate and Benghazigate 1/15/14
The right claims the mainstream media have paid more attention to Bridgegate than Obamacaregate, IRSgate, Fastandfuriousgate and Benghazigate. Not true.

Obamacare and me 12/11/13
Twenty years ago I started bleeding from my butt.

Obamacare and Palestine
America’s healthcare system and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would seem to be two intractable problems. What they have in common is that the most elegant solutions are dismissed as non-starters.

Palestinian Prank
I applaud Palestinian students at Florida Atlantic University for posting faux eviction notices on  dorm doors to raise awareness of Israel’s controversial policy of allowing Jewish settlers to move into disputed territories in the West Bank.

Snacks Online
Why do snack crackers and potato chips come in as many flavors as mutual funds? For snackaholics who think salt is a sugar substitute, inquiring minds want to know.

Stick Figure Snuff Flicks
No plot, no moral, no redeeming social value. Just pure, unadulterated violence…

Fanfic Online
With Congress wanting to stomp out sex and violence in Hollywood, what are those who want MORE sex and violence to do?

Cyber Sea-Monkeys
In 1957, Harold von Braunhut stared into a vat of brine shrimp and saw … Sea-Monkeys.

How the Jews stole Christmas 12/07/07
How did it come to pass that instead of putting Christ back into Christmas, they put in Jews?

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